Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Hi there. I'm Tricky, in game and out.

I've been online before as activist, writer, amateur photographer - now I'm making a space for me as a gamer, by starting this blog about Eve Online.

I love EVE online, have been playing for 6.5 years on and off. A good mate I used to live with got me into it, but now my addiction has outlived his own :)

Asides from loving the game itself, I also enjoy the meta game, people who blog and stream and youtube and podcast about it - and every once in a while, when they say be part of the meta game, I think "I could do that".

So I've decided to start a blog about the kind of gaming I do. Eve is a sandbox universe so there's many different styles of gaming, but most people who contribute to the meta game either play in nullsec alliances, talking about sovereignty and capital fleet fights, or in lowsec corps specialising in PVP fights.

Don't get me wrong, I still love listening/reading - my favourites include Crossing Zebras, Cap Stable, and High Drag.But that's not the kind of Eve gamer I am.

Six and a half years since account creation, I have a grand total of zero kills to my name (though a fair number of deaths, both PVP and PVE). I play almost totally in highsec, grinding in various ways to make isk with the goal of buying a Plex each month so this addiction won't burn a hole in my bank balance. And I have fun doing it. So I wanted to share that experience, with posts about the different kinds of things I do in game. Hopefully I can give people ideas for making ISK and show how things that often get derided as "carebear" activities for newbies or those in need of money can often be fun.

Big ups to Mike Azariah, a fellow high-sec care bear, for being an in game legend and someone whose narrative style of writing about Eve has given me some inspiration to try different things in game and, now, out. I'm also going to be posting some ideas for fanfic that I have on here too. As someone with a Bachelor in Creative Arts (Creative Writing) - CCP, if you need someone to write your next novel, I'm your guy.

It didn't take me long to figure out the social side of Eve is what keeps you coming back. Even playing my way, it's pretty boring as a solo game. From starting with a housemate playing the null game who helped me to make sense of the sandbox, to the various people I've met along the way, making friends in game is the best way to fly. As the video says - This Is Eve.

My current corp Newpod Industries is great for that experience, probably the best and most diverse gaming community I've been part of. I've learned a lot more about this game in the last 6 months than the previous 6 years.

I recent attended Eve Down Under 2014, where I discovered someone from my previous life as an activist is also an Eve addict who has flown in fleets I've heard and read about before. The meta game allows me to feel connected even beyond those immediate friends and corpies all the way out to the big headline-grabbing stories. So I'm giving back to it; hopefully you all enjoy!

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