Saturday, 21 March 2015

First Ever Kill

..shortly followed by...

After a couple of hours of running combat sites in a c2 (and thankfully, having already stashed the loot from the previous sites), a sleeper battleship finally cracked my tank and got me down to 50% hull. I warped out to a deep space safe and went AFK to let my shield regen while I got dinner prepared... meaning these guys got in the hole while I wasn't looking. So when I went to warp back to my MTU, there was the Flycatcher. Up went the bubble... the whole fight was over in under 30 seconds.

I got a tiny insurance payout, and thankfully had jumped into a clean clone so no additional losses with the pod. And so ends the saga of my first 7 years of EVE; 1.3 bil in losses, 300 mil in kills, 1 solo kill.

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